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Tools made for a couple different teams working in Unreal:

City Generator:
User controlled splines to layout streets, tunnels and wires. User has complete control over what meshes they wish to use.
Building generator creates facades as high as needed, using desired meshes. Appropriate lights procedurally placed based on selected mesh.
Signs and wires randomly placed over the roads and buildings according to user input.
Shaders made to give user control over variations in mesh's color (masked), emission, texture variation and window variations. Windows use depth offset to give the impression of geometry behind the glass.
Generator makes use of only 2 sets of trim sheets (Color / MetRoughAO packed / Norm) and one extra texture for windows.

Physically Accurate Fresnel Planet Generator:
User input texture control
Atmospheric controls
Physically accurate Fresnel effect based on light source angle.

Brevity due to character limit. Feel free to ask questions!