Cyberpunk Challenge

General / 06 March 2020

Feeling pretty up to speed with Blender now, which is great!

My time for this project however is more limited than I anticipated. Splitting up world building while I'm at home (a couple days a week), and working on props on my laptop while I'm away (which is still only a couple hours a day, if that).

Anyway, here's this last week's results so far:

Everything is still pretty much in blockout stage. All tiling block-in materials. Repeating block in meshes. Playing around a little bit with light placement. 

A preview of my spline tool I've made for this project so far:

Every mesh on the spline is editable, with multiple array layers for verticality. This was suuppposed to help speed up my modeling process, but I keep forgetting to carry my portable hard drive around with me so I can keep working on and creating new modules. 

Hopefully will have more to share next week.