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General / 04 April 2021

Got a bit of work done on this one today. Balancing so many projects at the moment. Good times!



General / 26 March 2021

Minor updates since the last. Taking my time with this project since I've got quite a bit else going on at the moment.


General / 14 March 2021

Got some work done today. Lots of fiddly stuff.


General / 08 March 2021

Had more time today than I thought:  



General / 07 March 2021

Got to work on some 1 to 1's this morning.


General / 07 March 2021

Adding a little more to this scene today. 

  • Beginning to flesh out some of the structural blockouts.
  • Adding midlevel blockouts and props.
  • Lighting and foliage tweaking.


General / 01 March 2021

Got another day of progress blocking out the challenge scene.


General / 21 February 2021

Starting on the blockout of this environment I'm doing for the challenge.

  • Set up a landscape using World Machine.
  • Set up a landscape material with height blending and puddle painting using Megascan textures as fillers.
  • Brought in a SpeedTree model for setting up initial camera locations.
  • Blocking out the building from the concept.


Dekogon & Leartes Challenge!

General / 20 February 2021

Yeah, I'm jumping into this one right after the Art Station challenge.

  The concept I'll be referencing from Eddie Mendoza:

Swampy Update

General / 15 July 2020

Day two-ish working on this project (I'm back to working full time).

Custom Substance Designer Megascan processor node to help with processing Megascans for my own workflow. Set up my tint masking in the master environment shader. Also an old... bike (for the story telling).