New Project!

General / 09 July 2020

Blockout day one (I had the day off). Gonna push to use all tiling textures in this with the exception of a couple props and foliage cards. Textures and foliage will be Megascans for this project since I haven't messed with those much in the past.

Concept based on Michael Morris: 

Cyberpunk No Longer Challenge

General / 11 May 2020

Slow progress on this project, but thought I'd throw in an update anyway.

Cyberpunk No Longer Challenge

General / 18 April 2020

Got pretty distracted from this project since setting up my work machine at home, but finally got a couple things done on this and will continue moving forward even though the contest is over.

Cyberpunk Challenge

General / 06 March 2020

Feeling pretty up to speed with Blender now, which is great!

My time for this project however is more limited than I anticipated. Splitting up world building while I'm at home (a couple days a week), and working on props on my laptop while I'm away (which is still only a couple hours a day, if that).

Anyway, here's this last week's results so far:

Everything is still pretty much in blockout stage. All tiling block-in materials. Repeating block in meshes. Playing around a little bit with light placement. 

A preview of my spline tool I've made for this project so far:

Every mesh on the spline is editable, with multiple array layers for verticality. This was suuppposed to help speed up my modeling process, but I keep forgetting to carry my portable hard drive around with me so I can keep working on and creating new modules. 

Hopefully will have more to share next week.

Cyberpunk Challenge

General / 16 February 2020

Time is definitely a hard factor for this one.

Not much of an update since I wasn't able to work on it all week, and most of today was spent setting up and doing a streaming demo. But I've updated / completely changed my blockout to something more manageable.

Going to be building this scene with modules stretched along a spline. That way I can have some concrete dimensions to work from when I'm away from my computer at home.

Cyberpunk Challenge

General / 12 February 2020

Day 01:

Set up some basic lighting to see what I'm doing as I move along. Starting with an HDRI from HDRIHaven.

Putting this image through Substance Designer.

Also brought in a height map created with World Machine (nothing fancy, since it's getting flattened out quite a bit).

Into a basic blockout in Unreal.


Cyberpunk Challenge

General / 12 February 2020

I'm doing it!

Joining Experience Point's and DiNusty's Cyberpunk Challege. Pretty self-explanatory in my opinion, but if you want to see the rules and details, you should check out one of the above links.

Since I'm currently working full time at IllFonic finishing up the new Predator game, my time will be fairly limited to this project. I'm also going to take this opportunity to learn and become more efficient at Blender after switching over from Maya as of today (this is also going to slow me down a bit).

Goals here will be to "finish" a personal project by managing my time wisely, learn a few new things, and polish the things I do know.

I haven't been one to work from my own mood boards for personal projects, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Going for a walled city in the desert. Story will unfold as the project does. 

Stay tuned.